The Draw – 2017


UPDATED 31st MAY 2017 – 1800hrs

This year’s Met Regatta is trialling British Rowing’s new Ranking System. We are one of the first regattas to trial this and as with any new system, there are some teething problems that we will be sharing with British Rowing to help them make the system better for the future. Thank you to all the clubs and coaches that provided feedback to help us revise the draw to ensure better quality racing.

Whilst we have long been aware of the limitations of the Status Points system, the aim of implementing a new system was to move to a situation where points more accurately reflect boat-speed. We have discovered there are some crews for which Ranking Index does not appear to be a good representation of speed. We have had a number of requests for a crew to change tier and been able to accommodate most of them. The reason for these issues is that some events have not yet been shown in the current ranking index of individuals. This is a problem that British Rowing are working to fix.

It is gratifying that the number asking to move up roughly matched the number asking to move down, demonstrating how much clubs value quality racing. Some requests could not be accepted because the crew appeared to be in the correct tier based on status points as well as ranking. One weakness of the old system was that in several events the majority of crews were of IM3 level, which did not always make for quality racing. This means that under the new system there will be some changes. Crews may be racing opposition that they might not have expected to under the old system.

We welcome any comments about our implementation of the new system, but any comments about the Ranking System itself should be addressed to British Rowing via their website. The Met will be submitting its own report at the end of the event but we recommend you send your own comments directly to ensure your views are properly captured.

Again we thank you for your patience and understanding in assisting us to implement the new competitions framework. We wish everyone competing at the regatta good luck.


All coaches and crews, are reminded that substitutions must be made online via BROE prior to registering at Crew Registration – current crew lists can be found:

Please check your crews and ensure any substitutions are made as soon as possible.