The Draw – 2019

The Draw 2019

Please see below the draw and timetable for the 2019 regatta.

The Draw and Timetable

Please find information for competitors below:

*****  UPDATE 30th May 2019 at 1100hrs *****

BROE2 / Substitutions:

We are aware that clubs have experienced difficulty in making substitutions in some circumstances. We are working with BR in order to resolve this. At present this appears only to affect those who are doubling-up on Saturday. Further information will be posted here shortly.

Coaches / Club Administrators who have made entries may have received automatic notifications from BROE regarding their entry being changed. Please rest assured that no changes have been made without the regatta contacting clubs directly. Where automatic notifications are received these have been generated as we rearrange BROE to reflect how we structure the regatta. All crews shown on the draw remain enters in the regatta and will be able to race as per the draw.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.


Draw and Timetable

Notes Regarding the Draw

As in previous years, the Met Regatta has used the BR Ranking Index. As the draw each year depends on the entry and particularly the distribution of points within that entry we do not publish in advance the point boundaries for each tier. This is because it is subject to the crews entered and therefore cannot be fixed. Our aim is to use the information available to us at the time of the draw to ensure that races are competitive and that, so far as is possible, crews of a similar ranking index are in the same tier.

International, Scottish and Irish Crews

For international, Scottish and Irish crews we look at their domestic points and endeavour to place them in the correct Tier based on this. We have used data from previous regattas to calculate the equivalent CRI points in the British Rowing System. As no guidance is produced by British Rowing to equate the relative standards the committee must do this based on our historical data. It should be emphasised that the standard of events varies from boat class to boat class so Tier 2 in one class cannot be directly compared to Tier 2 in another. Having calculated the CRI equivalent points the committee cannot reduce this artificially based on representations from clubs as to do so would be akin to rowing a domestic crew “down” because they feel they are over pointed.

Doubling Up

  • Doubling up is facilitated by placing the crew in a Tier according to their points and then doubling them “up” into the Tier above.
  • Where a doubling up entry is received but the crew’s points would place them in the Championship Tier, doubling up is not possible as a crew cannot row “down”.
  • Where a crew requests to row in a specific tier (other than championship) this cannot be honoured as the regatta cannot artificially reduce the calculated or allocated points of a crew. This would be akin to the regatta ignoring the data it is presented and doing the draw based on coaches wishes, this would not be fair and equitable for all competitors.
  • Where a crew has requested to be in Tier 1 (Championship) this has in all cases been honoured regardless of their points.
  • Where a crew believes it is over-pointed for its speed the regatta cannot row this crew “down” on this basis alone.
  • Where a doubling up entry in a different boat class would mean that a crew was rowing two Tiers up we have prioritised ensuring fair racing even if this means the crew’s races are close together.

Standard of Tiers

Some clubs have also requested to be drawn into specific tiers however as the tier boundaries are subject to the entry this is not possible and Tier 2 in 2018 cannot be equated to Tier 2 in the 2019 event, or indeed from Saturday to Sunday or from boat class to boat class.

The focus of the BR ranking index is to endeavour to ensure that crews of similar speeds compete against each other. The name of each Tier cannot be accurately mapped against old status points or categories used in either Scotland or Ireland.

The tiers are defined based on the entries relative to each other and not a predetermined standard.

The Regatta has decided that it will not publish the upper and lower point limits for each Tier. The reason for this is that it is subject to change as well as being different from event to event and day to day.

Tier Boundaries

Regardless of where the boundaries are placed some crews will be close to the upper and to the lower limits. For crews placed in higher events by the boundaries we understand this is potentially disappointing as it means they are racing a more competitive field.

The regatta places the boundaries where obvious gaps in the distribution of points dictate that Tiers should be split. We endeavour to do this in such a way that allows for a balance between the number of races offered per entry fee, and the number of prizes available.