Clean Sport

Clean sport statement

The Metropolitan Amature Regatta is committed to clean sport. All athletes, athlete support personnel and clubs are bound and must abide by the World Anti-Doping Agency Code. Athletes competing at The Met could be tested at any time, and by entering this competition it will be deemed that consent to be tested has been given.

To understand more about anti-doping, the rules and your responsibilities, please go to or email

100% ME elite athlete Clean Sport app for smartphones

For essential anti-doping information download the Clean Sport app from iTunes or Google Play.

Check your medications using Global DRO

Remember to check all medications on [] Global DRO, where you can search by ingredients or brand name.

Assess the risk of supplements on Informed Sport

You can find information on supplements and ways of reducing the risks on Informed Sport [] and British Rowing’s Supplement Policy here: []


If you’re an athlete, visit,

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