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Met Regatta Subscription Live Stream


The Metropolitan Regatta is delighted to be partnering with to stream the finals of the 2023 regatta. are one of the leading sports production companies in the UK with regular output on BT Sport and the BBC for Rugby, Football, Darts, Basketball, Motorsports and Snooker. They provided the excellent coverage for the Boat Race Trial 8’s & Fixtures events as well as the lightweight Boat Race and recently BUCS regatta.

The content will be available live and after the event for a fee of £8 per Day from:

The regatta committee is always looking for ways to improve the event for competitors, coaches and spectators, conscious that the cost of entering events is significant.

We hope that our partnership with is a sustainable way to make live streaming part of the regatta, without passing on the costs directly to competitors through entry fees.

You can submit information to our commentary team by clicking the link HERE


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Why do some regattas stream for free, but the Met is charging?

A – Offering streaming adds significant costs to running the event. We want to find a way to enable competitors, spectators, coaches and supporters to see all of the racing, but not pass the cost on through entry fees. The Met is one of the few events which doesn’t currently charge for car parking as we want to try to minimise the cost of competing. We think live streaming the event will add to the experience, but also that individuals should have a choice of paying for it or not. If we offer it for free, all competitors would effectively pay a contribution through the entry fees.

Q – Can I re-watch the races if I paid for the live stream?

A – Yes. You will be able to re watch the stream for a short period after the regatta.

Q – How long will the video be available for?

A – The video will be available for 3 months after the event. You will be able to download a copy towards the end of this time for a small fee.

Q – If I don’t stream live, can I watch after the event?

A – Yes – The stream will be available to subscribe to after the event has concluded.

Q – Do I need an account?

A- Yes – got to the website to find out more:

Q – When does the stream start?

A – The steam will start just before the first final on each day and end after the last final. Some of the timetrial will also be captured.

Q – If you make a profit from the streaming, where will it go?

A – The regatta is run independently and is not financially connected to any clubs. We hold any surplus to allow us to run the event year after year and to ensure we have appropriate cash flow. By looking for alternative sources of income we hope to avoid raising entry fees in line with our costs which have consistently been higher than inflation. Please see our accounts page for more details.

Q – Can I re-use the footage?

A – Yes – So long as you do not make commercial use of it, ie sell the rights or use it for fundraising or reproduce it in full, ie uploading it to youtube.