The Met

Welcome to the Metropolitan Regatta.

The next Metropolitan Regatta will take place on 1st and 2nd June 2019 at Dorney Lake.

*** Notes on the draw and how the Met uses the Ranking Index (RI) ***

Based on our analysis of the RI data for 2017 and 2018 events, the committee considered that the fairest way to rank crews is using CRI Max, part of the new competition framework. Use of the ranking index was published on our website alongside our entry information. This allows us to compare crews who have raced at a greater or fewer number of events over the last season on an equal footing. The reason for using CRI Max not CRI is that there is still insufficient data in the system to be sure that CRI is a truly robust measure of a crew’s likely performances. In some cases, where a crew has raced very little or not at all we accept that CRI Max is not necessarily a good indicator. Where possible we will endeavour to ensure that crews are raced at the appropriate level however as the regatta is significantly oversubscribed in most cases we cannot move crews around within the draw. This also potentially raises a fairness issue in moving crews subsequent to the draw being published.

The regatta publishes guidance on how to enter using the Ranking Index system, we encourage the use of comments to pass information to the event where either the CRI, CRI Max or old points are not considered a good indicator of a crew’s speed. In line with both the old and new status system we will always facilitate a crew “racing up”, where space in the draw allows, however it is only in very exceptional circumstances that we would be able to allow a crew to “race down” and in those circumstances, likely for time only.

Without adhering to the underpinning principles of the new ranking system the Met would contribute to artificially skewing the RI of crews going forward.

The regatta fully accepts that this is disappointing for some crews and we will always make significant efforts to facilitate every crew racing at the event. We must however work within the National Competition Framework and adhere to its guidance. Any crew who we are not able to accommodate within the original draw, due to a lack of space, will be refunded as per our entry rules, however, if a crew determines that they are dissatisfied with the draw and chooses to withdraw, a refund will not be possible. We will only offer refunds where we are unable to provide racing, or in exceptional circumstances on agreement of the Regatta Committee.

As always we are pleased to receive feedback from our competitors and coaches about how we can improve the event, we suggest that general comments on the Ranking Index be passed to British Rowing.

The committee wishes all competitors luck racing at the Metropolitan Regatta 2019.



2nd & 3rd June 2018